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Monday, November 19, 2007

>>>>available puppies<<<<

Puppy Lovers
9:09 AM

>>>>>Welcome US<<<<<

We are happy owners of beautiful shih tzu dogs.We fell in love with the breed a year ago after carefully evaluating all the toy breeds till we decided that Shih Tzu is the right companion for us.They are a delight to our hearts and since then,there was no turning back.If there is any regret about owning a shih tzu..it's how i wish i had them sooner way back then...

Let me start off by introducing our dogs/puppies:


This is Viva.She was born December 4, 2005.She is a very jolly and playful dog.She weighs 8 lbs and is a real scene stealer.She had endured a long trip from the Philippines to the United States.I got her from a very reputable breeder of shih tzus in the Philippines.I will always thank them (breeders Alex & Henson) for entrusting me with a very pretty shih tzu like Viva.


This is Rose.She was born May 28, 2006.She too like ViVa had endured a long flight from the Philippines to the United States (FL) and then several months after that had endured a long road trip from FL to WA.She is a very sweet dog and will be always happy to see you and keep you company.We got her from the same breeders of ViVa.Thank you again to Alex and Henson.


This is Shade.We got him from a breeder in New York while we were on a travel assignment in CT.Shade was born July 28, 2006.He is a very smart dog.He loves showing off his tricks like "down" position and knows how to play "fetch".He is very active and loves to run around with you.


And of course, Koda is our chocolate colored male shih tzu.He is a brother to Shade.He is very cute and is very sweet.Even if he is a little bit stubborn sometimes,this dog will surely give you lots of hugs and kisses.Special thanks to Rick and Sharon for these wonderful boys!

These are the dogs that are currently with us.We also have some more dogs that are still in the Philippines being cared for by our families over there.One is being shown and is on his way to his championship.These furry friends are not considered as animals in our household but they are considered as members of our family.They are a part of the house and are treated as babies and company to my daughter.We share our rooms with them.We provide them not only with food and water which are basic necessities but we also provide them with toys and beds and blankets and they also have nice and hip crates so they can have their own moments of privacy too as they wish. We only give them the best too by bathing them with the best shampoo and conditioner that can only be bought in Thailand..specially formulated for this breed as we want their coat to be healthy too.They are also well cared for with the best leave on moisturizer for everyday fix and a cologne specially scented for precious dogs like them.

We may be new breeders but we love this breed and our dogs with all our heart and it is our desire to share the joy and happiness they give us to the right families.They are precious to us and we also want the best for them and therefore would only let them go to the rightful owner/family so we are hoping that as a prospective puppy buyer,you should also do your research as we did ours in the past.The key to being a happy dog owner is getting to know the breed.Take your time and dont settle for anything less as these furry babies will give you hugs and kisses and tons of happiness for the next years and years to come.

Puppy Lovers
12:58 AM